How I caught 2 actresses having sex lesbianism in Nollywood:How I caught 2 actresses having sex

In a recent interview with Vanguard, married Yoruba actress Bose Arowosegbe exposed lesbianism in the movie industry by talking about the day two of her female colleagues had sex in a bed she shared with them. Kinda bizarre. Read below…

I have heard about it and I have seen one with my own very eyes. It happened when two friends came to visit, then three of us had to share a bed. As we were on the bed with my back turned to the other two, I felt some movements and I turned, alas, the two other girls were at it, doing it. I was simply aghast and dumbfounded. I watched them transfixed for about two minutes and then gave one of them a slap. She looked at me and asked if she had touched me or what. I was so mad that I started shouting at them.
The other one was just laying down while the one I slapped was working on her. she said she didn’t know and thought I was also part of it but I shouted ‘God forbid’. She then started crying and I told her to desist from associating with the other girl again.